Friday, January 27, 2012

Really, Zoya, really?! Late shipment leads to disappointment

Back on January 8th, I told you about how I had placed an order with Zoya to receive 2 free nail polishes as part of their special offer. I knew that the ground shipping was going to take a while, so it wasn't until last week that I started checking the mail every afternoon in hopes of finding my polishes waiting for me. Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this Tuesday the 24th and learned that the polishes had barely shipped out that afternoon! Auuughh! I mean, I totally understand that they're doing me a favor with this offer and that my shipment is going to be a low priority one. I even understand that it may take a long time, even weeks, for them to process the order. But to not even inform me of the fact that they haven't processed the order until 16 days later? WTF? Really?? I'd read on Kayla Shevonne and Rebecca Likes Nails' blogs about their negative experiences with Zoya, but I thought it had to do with the complications of international shipping. After this experience, I'm beginning to think that Zoya may have a problem in general with customer service! Maybe they didn't anticipate the response to their offer would receive and this incident is an anomaly.  Maybe I'm just overreacting. But so far, color me less than impressed with the Zoya experience. :( 

(BTW, as of the 26th, my package was in Ohio so it will still probably be a week or so before it arrives here in California.)


  1. When I saw my order hadn't shipped after about 10 days, I contacted customer service and they responded to me pretty quickly. There was a note in the fine print of the offer saying that the order could take up to 4 weeks to ship, which I think is fair considering they're literally giving away their product for free. So the volume of the orders they were experiencing had to be pretty decently high. My package shipped two days after I contacted customer service, and arrived 2 days later (I'm in NYC). Overall I don't think it was that bad considering the offer.

  2. I guess I just didn't read the fine print very carefully, then. It's the disappointment of learning they'd barely sent out the order when I'd already started expecting it that prompted me to post about the experience. I'm glad others had a more positive one which lead to great polish :) BTW, what carrier did they use on your shipment?

  3. I've had this problem with Zoya in the past when they do special promotions. The first time it took about a month for the polish to get here and most recently for the January promo it was the same story. I get that their giving their merchandise away but 4 weeks seems like overkill to me.