Sunday, January 1, 2012

1/01/12 Weekly Blog Roundup: more flakies and lists!

-Several blogs have posted the press release for Zoya's Spring 2012 collection, which features 3 flakies! Scrangie has already posted some swatches.
-More bloggers have gotten their hands on the Finger Paints Special Effects collection, including myself. THe master of watermarbling, Colette at My Simple Little pleasures has posted a  video  which has each over black and one color complimentary color apiece.
-There were lots more favorite nail polish lists as the year drew to a close. Everyone did a different format.  Let them Have Polish had a top 10 for major and indie brands, plus and honorable mention post, Swatch and Learn did a top 10 for polishes, nail art, makeup, skincare and cosmetics. Rebecca and Kayla finished their lists, Imperfectly Painted did her top 20 in several separate posts and also had her readers weigh in,  and the The Polishaholic didn't specify exactly how many favorites she chose. 
-Meanwhile, the Manicure Addict and iPolished chose their favorite manicures of the year and Enamel Girl did both a top 11 and a favorite manicure list and The Polish Insomniac reviewed her 5 most visited posts of the year.
-I enjoyed reading all these lists immensely, but I'm sure I'm missing some of them. I'm just doing the best I can based on what I can remember/find best at this time. I"m actually planning to do an uber-lazy version of my top 10 later this week, as well.  
-A final reminder to visit Sally's to check out their clearance section. I visited a location near work on Saturday and found some stuff that my local one didn't have, still at 50% the red tag price. 

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