Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unspeakable beauty-Sinful Colors Green Ocean over Orly Royal Navy

Okay, April may be long over but I still have a few blue manicures to post, so I'm continuing my Autism Awareness theme. :)
Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, shade
Those with autism have a brain that works differently than ours. A big part of that is that they process things visually and not verbally.  As a result, preschoolers with autism don't start speaking until later than their typical peers, and some of them will barely speak at all, even as they get older. There are plenty of autistic people who are very verbal, but in general, an autism diagnosis means a less verbal child. Speech therapists and other educators work with all types of autistic children to improve their ability to speak and communicate with others.

Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, natural light
This combo was inspired by seeing a great picture of Sinful Colors Green Ocean over a royal blue on the Icy Queen Nail Parlour blog. After having tried and being really impressed by the beautiful blue shimmer in Orly Royal Navy, I wanted to try flakies with it. Royal Navy is an awesome royal blue jelly with a bit of a turquoise shimmer. I got more shimmer out of it by keeping Royal Navy upside down until it was ready to apply. The shimmer tends to settle at the bottom so this helped.  Sinful Colors Green Ocean is the blue flakie in a green base that is typically only available around St. Patrick's day.  I'm lucky to have picked mine up and have liked it no matter what color it's over. To see a lot more more pics of Royal Navy and Green Ocean together, keep reading!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

OPI Pirouette My Whistle over Revlon Modern Grace

OPI Pirouette My Whistle over Revlon Modern Grace, sunlight
I just have a quick post for you today. Here is the OPI glitter Pirouette My Whistle over Revlon Modern Grace. Pirouette My Whistle is from the OPI Softshades New York Ballet collection. It's a clear base with white hex glitter and silver microglitter. Revlon Modern Grace is from their top speed line. It's a beautiful creme purple with a great formula. To learn a bit more about these polishes, and to see more pics, join me after the jump.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Zoya Zuza gets splattered by Pirates (of the Caribbean)

*Warning, if you are disturbed by uneven nails, skip this post*

Zoya Zuza splattered with OPI POC collection colors Skull and Glossbones, Planks a Lot and Mermaid's Tears

 I had some reservations about sharing this post because my nails aren't all even in the pictures. As I shared earlier, I've had a lot of nails break on me recently and I cut down all of them as a result. However, I decided that this mani was good enough to post for a couple of reasons. Find out what they are, after the jump!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More magnetics! Orly, Sally Hansen and Deborah Lippmann magnetic polishes

Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes

I've been out shopping recently and have spotted quite a few magnetic nail polishes that were new to me. The brands featuring magnetic polish now include: Deborah Lippmann, Sally Hansen and Orly. I've included a few pics here, but be sure to keep reading for more info, links and pictures!
Swatches of Orly Magnetic FX polishes
Deborah Lippmann Steal My Kisses magnetic nail polish set

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ciate is full of $@#%-My belated Fish Egg Friday mani with Zoya Myrta

I found these microbeads in LA when I was visiting back in the beginning of April. It's obvious that the whole "caviar manicure" was well known enough that Dona Michele Salon Basics jumped into production on microbeads and had already manufactured, packaged and shipped them to Dollar Tree by April 8th. That's the date I purchased these at a random Dollar Tree in Los Angeles. The packaging says "made in China," so it's not like the items had just been produced in the last few days. Anywho, I think this is further proof that the whole Ciate "trademarking" of the caviar manicure is beyond ridiculous! (In case you're not in the loop on the stuff I'm talking about, here's a link to the Pretty Digits blog, and a link to Let Them Have Polish's post detailing the nail blogging community's response.)

On to the manicure, this look was created using Dona Michele brand nail microbeads and Zoya Myrta. I like Myrta but it lacks some of the gold shimmer I expected based on the bottle. Because of this, I spiced it up with a caviar style accent nail. See more pictures and find out what's wrong with this manicure, after the jump!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

FYI: Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day

but it IS a great excuse to break out my newly acquired bottle of China Glaze Party Hearty! Wearing it is basically the only reason I did this manicure, which also explains why my "eagle" is really just a brown blob. By the way, Mexican Independence day is September 16th, and that's when my family celebrated. Cinco de Mayo is really a American celebration of Mexican culture on a historically significant day, a day in which Mexican soldiers were vastly outnumbered by better equipped French soldiers and still won a battle.

      Isn't Party Hearty beautiful? Good thing it matches the flag, or I may have had to wait til Italy's Festa della Repubblica (Republic Day) on June 2 to be able to wear it!