Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mystery Forever 21 mani

Glitter Forever 21 polishes layered over black Forever 21 polish
I have a quick post to share with you from a while back. So far back that I don't remember all the details, actually. It's a good manicure for this to have happened with, because Forever 21 polishes are all unnamed mysteries. All I can tell you is, I started with a black nail polish with holographic particles. I think it's the one shown in this post  at Moondancerjen's Nails. Then, I added a glitter topcoat from the same brand. Sorry to have such a small amount of information. :(  But hey, it's not like Forever 21 gives us a lot to go on.....
Glitter Forever 21 polishes layered over black Forever 21 polish, shade

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Accidental accent ombre

Ombre nails with dotted accent nail, sunlight
Here's a manicure I did with a black, white and grey polishes.  I call it an accidental accent because the way I ended up with a pinky accent nail was a total fluke. I had done all my nails in the same pattern as my pinky, but I did something too soon after topcoating everything and my pinky is the only nail that remained unscathed. Rather than completely starting over again, I stuck with the same color scheme and did an ombre on the other 3 nails.  Find out what polishes I used, and see another picture, after the jump!
Ombre nails with dotted accent nail, shade

Thursday, June 20, 2013

From the Nail Vault: L'oreal Lickety Split with Sation Men-ipulation

L'oreal Lickety Split with Sation Men-ipulation glitter on top
I'm going to start using the "nail vault" label for the 15 or so polishes I owned before I became a laquerhead.  L'oreal Lickety Split is one of the oldest polishes in my collection, and I can only find this other post about it. Because of the way Google Translate works, I'm not sure about the exact content of the post, but I can tell you that the pictures are awesome!

L'oreal Lickety Split, a polish I've owned for years
 I'm pretty sure I got L'oreal Lickety Split at Big Lots back in the day, and it was in a 2 pack with a dark purple polish.  Even back then, I was drawn to teals and purples, LOL!  I really like this kind of color, it reminds me of polishes like China Glaze Deviantly Daring and Color Club Metamorphasis, both of which I also own.

Join me after the jump to see a few more pics and learn more about Sation Men-ipulation.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quick Post-China Glaze Ingrid with Nina Holographic topcoat

China Glaze Ingrid with Nina Holographic, shade
Here's a quick post of a mani I did a while back. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures of it even though it was super pretty. It's China Glaze Ingrid with a glitter gradient on the bottom. The glitter on the bottom is Nina Holographic Topcoat. How's that for a descriptive name? Holographic Topcoat is a gold glitter with lots holographic particles. As I mentioned the other time I posted this polish, Nina Holographic topcoat is a supposed dupe for Butter London Tart With a Heart. Unfortunately, the only store with testers of Butter London polishes in my area never has a bottle of TWAH. If I ever get a chance to swatch a tester, I'll do a comparison. I've seen pictures and it's pretty close. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy seeing this manicure.
China Glaze Ingrid with Nina Holographic, sunlight

Monday, June 10, 2013

Shell-o, is it me you're looking for?

China Glaze Shell-o with Verity Deep Violet tips, natural light
I didn't have great expectations for China Glaze Shell-o. It's a neon coral-leaning pink and a jelly finish polish to boot. Those things awesome.  However, neons tend to be streaky in and of themselves, and some jelly polishes do, too. I was afraid that the combination of neon and jelly was going to mean a nightmare of polish to apply. Luckily, Shell-o way surpassed my expectations. While it's not the easiest polish in the world to apply, it definitely has a buildable formula.

China Glaze Shell-o with Verity Deep Violet tips, sunlight
I paired China Glaze Shell-o with a cult nail polish favorite, Verity Deep Violet.  It's a purple jelly polish that's quite nice on its own. Added to the tips of Shell-o, it worked great and made for a fun look. I used 2 coats of Deep Violet over 3 coats of Shell-o. Learn more about how Shell-o applies, what polishes I think it's a mix of and see more pictures, after the jump.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It just may be your cup of tea- Milani Thai Tea

Milani Thai Tea, sunlight
I had my doubts about Milani Thai Tea before trying it on. I had seen it at the Dollar Tree numerous times and skipped it, until I finally decided one day that it was worth it for $1. I'm so glad I decided to take the *huge* financial risk! ;)

Milani Thai Tea is an orange leaning nude with a lot of shimmer. I think it's a close relative of China Glaze Fast Track, another nude polish with an awesome shimmer payoff.  In addition to the gold shimmer, there are brownish orange flecks in Thai Tea that really do remind me of the tasty beverage treat. 

Thai Tea is one of those polishes that is better once you try it for yourself.  I'm sure it's a bit too orange to work for everybody, but if there's any chance this polish might work for you, risk the $1 dollar and try it out. It might be the best dollar you spend that day!