Thursday, June 20, 2013

From the Nail Vault: L'oreal Lickety Split with Sation Men-ipulation

L'oreal Lickety Split with Sation Men-ipulation glitter on top
I'm going to start using the "nail vault" label for the 15 or so polishes I owned before I became a laquerhead.  L'oreal Lickety Split is one of the oldest polishes in my collection, and I can only find this other post about it. Because of the way Google Translate works, I'm not sure about the exact content of the post, but I can tell you that the pictures are awesome!

L'oreal Lickety Split, a polish I've owned for years
 I'm pretty sure I got L'oreal Lickety Split at Big Lots back in the day, and it was in a 2 pack with a dark purple polish.  Even back then, I was drawn to teals and purples, LOL!  I really like this kind of color, it reminds me of polishes like China Glaze Deviantly Daring and Color Club Metamorphasis, both of which I also own.

Join me after the jump to see a few more pics and learn more about Sation Men-ipulation.

L'oreal Lickety Split with Sation Men-ipulation, shade
I topped Lickety Split with a coat of Sation Men-ipulation. As you can see in the pictures, Men-ipulation is a mix of black and white glitter. It's different from other black and white glitters for a couple of reasons. First of all, the white glitter is kind of a shiny pearlescent white, as opposed to the stark matte whites we see in most of these glitters. Also, the black glitter pieces are varying sizes of shard-like pieces. I'd say that if you like black and white glitter or irregularly shaped glitter, Men-ipulation is a good polish to add to your collection.

L'oreal Lickety Split, a polish from the vault
Here's a last picture of L'oreal Lickety Split. It's one of the few polishes I own that I've made a big dent in, since I've had it so long. I think I must've gotten it more than 7 years ago. It may not be the most unique color, but it will always be a special polish in my collection.


  1. I've got that one too! LOL if anyone wants it I'd be glad to part with it because I don't use L'Oreal anymore.

    1. Wow! Didn't expect to get a comment from someone else who owns it! Hopefully someone will swap for it with you. :)