Friday, August 17, 2012

Inglot online sale! 20% until August 20th

Inglot flakie polishes, from the Nic's Little World blog
Inglot is a Polish cosmetics company with a very limited presence here in the US. The only reason I know about them is because a fellow lacquerhead told me about their counter at the huge Macy's store in downtown San Francisco.  While I was there, I picked up flakie 204, the blue violet hued one. Part of the reason I had to have it is because it's so unique compared to the other flakies that have emerged this season. 

Here's the post where I found the awesome picture of all the flakies I used for this post. It's from a blog called Nic's Little World. She's apparently in Europe, where Inglot is a better known company.  

If you are a fellow flakie lover and missed out on the Finger Paints collection, or want just want to add to it, check out Inglot. The bottles are only 8 ml and will be $8 with the discount, but that's better than the regular price $10 a bottle, which is what I paid.  Orders of more than $50 get free shipping. Here's a link to Nouveau Cheap, where I first learned about the sale and to Temptalia, where a lot of good  questions about the sale are addressed. You need to type in "BIRTHDAY" at checkout, and the sale expires 8/20 at 2:30 AM EST .

Beyond the great flakies, Inglot offers plenty of other polishes and other cosmetics to make your order more worthwhile. Here's a link to the polish section that includes their flakies. Unfortunately, they've changed their naming system from simple numbers to simple letters, so it may take some effort to find the flakies pictured above. However, most are pretty evident and I'm sure you can google image the others. You can surf the rest of the Inglot website to find their other polishes and cosmetics products.  According to the sales associate I talked to, the eyeshadows from Inglot are very popular because you can create your own pallette. It's similar to MAC's eyeshadows but less costly, supposedly.  All I know is they make some very pretty flakies!

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