Saturday, August 4, 2012

Neutral fishtail nails, featuring OPI Mermaid Tears

Fishtail braid nails, sunlight
So in my last post I shared my Dipping Dot-icure with Orly Decades of Dysfunction. That was nail art that I did on my dominant right hand. I did this fishtail design on my left, non-dominant hand. I had wanted to do a fishtail design since I first saw one on the Swatch and Learn blog, where Mary has a tutorial. I was afraid it would be too difficult for my non-dominant hand, which is why went with the dotticure for my right.

This manicure features the following polishes-Orly Decades of Dysfunction, China Glaze Foie Gras and Dress Me Up and OPI Mermaid Tears.  As I explained in my prior post, I love the color combination, and I prefer this design where all the colors play off each other equally.  I still really like the dot design as well.

I have a few more pics and notes, so join me after the jump!

I only have a couple of notes to add about this manicure. I already discussed how I came up with most of the colors in this post. However, I was going to add that after seeing Orly Decades of Dysfunction together with China Glaze Foie Gras and Dress Me Up, I really wanted to add a pop of color. I considered a lot of neutral blues and greens before settling on OPI Mermaid's Tears. For me, its ¨greyed out¨ quality works well with the other neutrals in the mani. The color itself adds a bit of interest and pop, in my opinion. My only problem with using Mermaid's Tears is that the OPI pro-wide brush made the aqua stripes much wider than the others. I would say to try to use polishes with similar brush sizes, although I don´t think it´s that much of an issue.  If there´s a color combo you´re in love with, I say, go for it!

Finally, I was going to tell you that I highly recommend trying out a fishtail design on your nails. It looks like it´s super complicated, but it´s really just a matter of patience while you wait for a color to dry. Mary did a great job on her tutorial and has lots of pictures on this nail art design. It´s easy enough that I´m pretty sure I´ll be doing both my dominant and non-dominant hands next time!


  1. Great job and i love the colors you chose.

  2. Haha double comment, I have tagged you for a Liebster Award.
    Details are on my blog :)

  3. You did a wonderful job on this! Gorgeous - and the colour choices are pretty. :)

    P.S. Thank you so much for the shout-out! :D

  4. This looks amazing.....I love the color combo!