Monday, August 27, 2012

China Glaze Fast Track-shimmery good neutral

China Glaze Fast Track with Zoya Jem accent nail, sunlight
Here´s another color that I might not have picked up had it not been for the Sally´s clearance sale. I don´t usually gravitate towards neutrals, which is why I passed on this color for a while. Even though I had tried it at the sample counter and liked the shimmer, I just wasn´t sure whether I liked the polish enough to buy it. When I saw China Glaze Fast Track on clearance, I went for it and I definitely don´t regret it. It´s a great neutral color that will work with a lot of skin tones, and gold shimmer in it is just divine! I couldn´t stop staring at my nails every time the light caught the shimmer. I added a saran wrap accent nail in Zoya Jem. I knew Jem had gold undertones and after trying a series of colors with Fast Track, it was my favorite. More pics after the jump!

China Glaze Fast Track with Zoya Jem accent nail, shade

I´d seen plastic wrap nails on a few blogs but this was the first time I tried it. It was super easy and creates a fun look. Here´s a link to the first blog where I saw the method described, Rebecca Likes Nails.  The Zoya Jem accent nail worked well with Fast Track because both have a gold shimmer that looks amazing in the right lighting!

As I already described, Fast Track is a great neutral color that gets its uniqueness because of the great gold shimmer it has. I hang out at the MUA nail board a lot, and it seems to be a popular color there. That´s part of the reason I ended up buying it. It´s not a color for everyone, I´m sure there are some skin tomes it doesn´t work well with. (For instance, Cristina at LTHP didn´t like it with her skintone. She later added some cool green polishes to make it a stunning gradient.) That said, I loved it with my skintone- I felt like I had ¨mannequin hands¨with an extra punch!

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