Monday, July 2, 2012

Fergie by Wet n Wild-dupes, displays and more info!

Fergie by Wet n Wild polish display, long version
I was lucky to have learned all about the new Fergie by Wet n Wild polishes after reading this post over at Nouveau Cheap. Since one of the commenters on that post mentioned seeing the display in San Francisco, which is an hour away from me, I decided to look for it at a nearby Walgreens. I lucked out and it was there! The first piece of important information I'd like to share about this collection is that there are 2 displays! The one I found at my first Walgreens was the full display, with 5 rows, while I've seen it at another Walgreens in a shorter display with 3 rows.Here are some pictures of the shorter display.
Fergie by Wet n Wild polish display,short version
Note that the two displays have different polishes in different orders. I confirmed this when I found this post over at Citrine's Blog. She has row by row pictures of the short display that are better than mine. 

Another important piece of information about the Fergie polishes is that a lot of them are repackaged versions of other Wet n Wild polishes, but they're more expensive and smaller! Join me after the jump for to learn which ones I spotted, as well as to see a couple of quick comparisons and a row by row set of pictures of all the polishes!
Most of the polishes in the Fergie by Wet n Wild struck me as unremarkable colors that could be found elsewhere. But I also immediately noticed some that were just repackaged versions of Spoiled by Wet n Wild polishes.This is really egregious because while the Spoileds retail at $1.99 for 15 ml, the Fergie polishes retail for $3.49 and are 12.5ml!  I'm sure I missed some other ones, but here are pictures of some of the polishes I know for sure are repackaged Spoileds.

Fergie by Wet n Wild polishes-Kaleidescope Eyes is the blue glitter on top, Flossy Flossy is the pink and gold glitter on bottom
Spoiled by Wet n Wild Pet my Peacock and Jewelry Heist
I'm sorry I didn't get the names of all of the dupes, I am lucky I found this post about the polishes at em.tiny blogs because Em had the name of a few of them. She has pictures of the brushes and more details and analysis about the polishes because she's swatched a few of them! In the meantime, I will be sure to look for the unnamed polishes in this post next time I go to a Walgreens and I'll edit the post at that time. Here's another couple of polishes that are repackaged Spoileds.

Fergie by Wet n Wild polishes-Mermaid Curves is the blue glitter on top, XOXO is the pink and blue glitter on bottom
Spoiled by Wet n Wild Use Protection
Spoiled by Wet n Wild Battle of the Sexes, from the CVS website

 The CVS I went into for these pictures did not have a full display of Spoileds, so I'm using a stock photo for the second polish. There's another repackaged polish in the Fergie display, but it's one that's from another line. Fergie Dutchess is a repackaged version of Wet n Wild Believe Me, It's Real.  That polish was one of the colors from the Wet n Wild Coloricon series that came out around the holidays. Here's the picture Dutchess, the repackaged version of Believe Me, It's Real.

Fergie by Wet n Wild Dutchess
By the way, that Fergie-influenced spelling reflects what the bottle says, I know the *correct* spelling of "duchess" is different. This time, I don't have a comparison bottle picture because I can do one better: a quick comparison I did with my own bottle of Believe Me, It's Real. I wasn't absolutely sure that the two polishes were identical because their different packaging made them look a little different. Now that I've swatched them, though, I'm totally sure!

Fergie by Wet n Wild Dutchess on middle and index fingers, Believe Me, It's Real on pinky and ring fingers
Here's a final comparison. Grammy Gold is one of the colors Fergie is wearing in the display photo, with a black polish on top of it.. I compared it to a Nicole by OPI color that I own, Not a Gold Bigger.

Nicole by OPI Not a Gold Bigger on the pinky, Fergie by Wet n Wild Grammy Gold polish on middle
As you can see, the Fergie gold is a bit lighter and more silver leaning than Not a Gold Bigger. I'm guessing there probably is a dupe out there for Grammy Gold, but I don't own it.

Finally, I 'm going to finish this post with my blurry pictures of each row in the big display I found. I hope this helps!

*Edited to add: In addition to adding the correct names for the polishes, I totally forgot about another Spoiled repackaged color. Here is Fergie Make Them Boys Go Loco:

Fergie by Wet n Wild Make Them Boys Go Loco
And here is a picture of Spoiled Ants in My Pants from the Polished and Frosted blog.


  1. haven't seen these yet, thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks SO much for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks you guys for commenting, Polish AMOR and Florence! I hope people will get these everywhere, but that they don't spend the extra money on dupes if they don't have to!

  4. Thanks for breaking down the dupes.
    I hate spending money twice on the same thing. Will you be doing more swatches? Thanx

    1. Yes, I will be swatching Tonights Gonna Be a Good Night and another color in the next few days.

  5. Very interesting! I saw the short display last night, and would have bought some of the glitters if the check out line hadn't been so long. Now I need to hunt for the big display. :)

  6. I saw the mini display today at a Walgreens in Detroit (picked up Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night and Hollywood Walk of Fame). I also noticed that a good number of them were Spoiled dupes. There's a bright teal with subtle shimmer that looked like the bottle of Distant Memory I have.

    I thought having dupes was pretty cheesy, but it just occurred to me that it could be because one is a Walgreens exclusive and one is a CVS exclusive. I have both chains in my area, but I'd guess there are a decent number of regions that only have one or the other. Maybe this was WnW's attempt to make the more popular Spoiled colors available to those who don't have CVSes nearby?

  7. Hey there! I am a baby blogger. I am going to link to your page on my blog. If that's bad blogging etiquette, plmk and I will remove link. I wanted to show the dupe-age of these collections!

    Thanks for you awesome post :D


    1. Hi, Jaya,

      Sorry for the delay in replying, but I am honored that you want to share my info, feel free! Hope the info helps more people save $.