Monday, July 23, 2012

LA Girls Magnetized-okay magnet, but a great color!

LA Girls Magnetized, sunlight
 I really wanted to post about this LA Girls color because I think this would be an easy polish to overlook. LA Girls Magnetized looks like a boring magnetic polish in the bottle. It definitely comes alive on the nail, and is a beautiful deep pink. The magnetic effect is not super strong, and there isn't a great deal of contrast between the magnetic pattern and the other color, but how nice is this pink?! Check out more pictures after the jump!
LA Girls Magnetized with bottle, shade

LA Girls Magnetized with bottle, shade
My recent trip down to LA reignited my interested in magnetic nail polish. This is partly because they fascinate my scientific friend down there, and partly because I've been finding more interesting color choices when looking at magnetics lately. My friend and I bought some Wet n Wilds together and since I have a magnet for my China Glaze color, I just brought home mini bottles of each. Unfortunately, I can't find my magnet, so I bought this LA Girls color as a cheap solution.

As I said before, the magnet is not the easiest to deal with- it's a bit difficult to center the bullseye pattern on a curved surface like a nail. However, I still like the circular magnet look and can't wait to try it with other magnetic polishes where the two colors involved will contrast more.

There's a reason I usually don't take bottle shots, and that's they're a huge PITA for me. I think my fingers are unusually short or something. Regardless, I tried to take a few because I wanted to emphasize how nice the color looks compared to the silvered out color you see in the container.

LA Girls Magnetized on index, OPI The One That Got Away on middle
Finally, I wanted to include a picture of this polish next to the OPI color, The One That Got Away. I'm usually not a fan of pinks, but when they stray into the wine/raspberry territory I start to like them more. I think that's why I'm a fan of this pink, it immediately reminded me of OPI colors like TOTGA and Congeniality is My Middle Name, two pinks that I find quite lovely. I think this is a definite must if you like these kinds of pinks and the magnetic polish trend.

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