Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wet n Wild Party Rocks polishes=more repromoted Spoileds

Here's a post I began writing a while back and then completely forgot to follow up on. Hope the info in here still helps, even if it's largely outdated. The Wet n Wild Party Rocks collection was out for the 2012 holidays, so these polishes aren't available in most drugstores anymore. My post talks about how most of them are dupes anyway!

There hasn't been much information posted about the Wet n Wild Party Rocks holiday 2012 nail polish collection and I'm not surprised-it's a bunch of repromotes! All but one of the "new" colors are repromotes of colors from the Spoiled line. To boot, all of the repromotes are also apparent dupes of Sinful Colors! Don't believe me? Join me after the jump for side by side pictures!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Multi-Faceted skittles- Sinful Colors Faceted over purple

Sorry for my long absence. I've been having real life problems recently and blogging has not been a priority for me.  However, I'm back for now and wanted to share this recent look. It's been raining a lot so all my photographs were taken using a natural light lamp.

Sinful Colors Faceted over Essence purples, natural light lamp
 In this manicure, I used 1 coat of Sinful Colors Faceted over two types of Essence purples.  As I described in a prior post, Faceted is a mix of dark purple glitter with multichromatic green bar glitter.  It's interesting that the bar glitter showed up better over the dark purple instead of the pastel purple.  The darker purple on my pointer and middle fingers is Essence Oh My Glitter!, while the lavender on the other two fingers is Essence A Lovely Secret. More pictures after the jump.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Celebrated the new year with Milani Cyberspace saran wrap nails!

Sinful Colors Nova and American Apparel Cameo Blue with Milani Cyberspace, sunlight
Happy New Year, everybody! For me, New Year's Eve means sparkly nails. I went the opposite route of what I usually would've done for sparkle, which is putting a bunch of glitter on my nails. Instead, I opted to use my recently purchased bottle of Milani Cyberspace. I learned on the Makeupalley message boards that the Milani holos were on clearance at CVS, so I went and picked up Hi Res, the purple holo, and Cyberspace, the baby blue one. For this look, I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Nova on my pointer and middle fingers. I used 2 coats of American Apparel Cameo Blue on the ring and pinky. After that, I used the plastic wrap method to add on some Milani Cyberspace. I really like the resulting look, each finger looks kind of like an intricate stamp to me.  I'm not sure if others would agree with that assessment. Join me after the jump if you want to judge for yourself after you see more pictures of this look.
Sinful Colors Nova and American Apparel Cameo Blue with saran wrap sponging of Milani Cyberspace, shade