Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tips and Tricks Tuesday-Drugstore Jellies

Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby and Sally Hansen Sheer Ecstasy, 2 drugstore jellies

A question that often comes up in the nail community is "What are some drugstore jellies?" It's not like jelly polishes are all labeled as such. Yes, there is the standard advice to find a jelly: tip a polish bottle over on its side. If you can see the mixing balls through the polish along the side of the bottle, then the polish is a jelly. However, I wanted to offer people a quick and dirty list of the jellies that I know of that can be easily found at the drugstore. 

I've compiled this totally unofficial list of drugstore jelly polishes based on my frequent visits to places like Target and Walgreens. All but one of these are a part of the core collection for their brand, so they should be easy to access. Here are the jellies I know of so far:

Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond
Wet n Wild Fuchsiarama
Wet n Wild I Red a Good Book
Wet n Wild 2% MIlk
Wet n Wild Break the Ice
Spoiled by Wet n Wild Permission to Proceed (dupe for the color below, SC Irish Green)
Sinful Colors Irish Green (not a core color at any retailer, seasonally available frequently)
Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby
Sally Hansen CSM Jaded
Sally Hansen CSM Shell We Dance
Sally Hansen CSM Sheer Ecstasy
Sally Hansen CSM Almost Almond
Sally Hansen CSM Arm Candy
Revlon Just Tinted Victorian
Revlon Sheer Pink
Revlon Velvet Rope
Revlon Plum Seduction

For almost all these polishes, I don't personally own them so I confirmed their jelly nature by image searching for jelly sandwiches featuring them. Maybe I'll eventually add a link for all of them, but for now:

Sally Hansen CSM Arm Candy sandwich from Never Enough Nails
Revlon Velvet Rope sandwich from Pretty Girl Science
Revlon Plum Seduction floating stamping from SpecialGirl Nails

Do you have a blog post featuring one of these jellies? Do you know of any other good drugstore jelly polishes? Please comment below!


  1. Revlon has a few of those sheers actually - sheer pink has a close relative called sheer nude, sheer cotton, sheer ... mauve I think?

    1. Thanks for posting! The selection of polishes seems to really vary from store to store with Revlon. I'm glad to know that Revlon offers a few options for sheer polishes!