Sunday, July 29, 2012

Impoverished by Paw-lish- New Kitty!

I'm so happy to finally be able to share some pictures of my new kitten with you guys. I got her back during my trip to Los Angeles at the beginning of July, but have been too busy to sit down and edit all the pics I have of my little Audrey. I named her after the nail polish, and also because I've always liked that name. :) Join me after the jump for a lot more pictures!

"Let me out of here, let me out of here!"
 Audrey is my healthy 3 month old girl kitty. She was one of 3 littermates that my friend found down in Los Angeles. Since I had been interested it getting a cat for a while now, I brought Audrey and her sister Guerra home. They kept each other company for a good week or so before I found Guerra a good home. Here's a picture of the 2 sisters.

The two kitty sisters- Guerra in back, Audrey in the front
I love cats so much, I'm thrilled to be a cat owner again, and I've always loved calicos. Audrey and I were a match made in heaven. I wish I could've kept Guerra, too, but I knew that I didn't have a good setup for two cats and that she'd be better off somewhere else. Anyway, here are some more pictures of my adorable girl.
Fur Audrey
In what I like to call her sex kitten look ;)
Audrey has undergone a sex and name change. You see, I initially thought she was a boy because I used internet pictures to determine what gender the kitten was. The internet led me astray, cuz when I visited the vet, I was informed that I had a girl cat. I went from calling him Aggy to calling her Audrey. I still occasionally will use the Aggy name when I'm looking for her because I did call her that for a while and figure she might still be used to it. I figure she's now Audrey Agnes. :)
On the attack while playing outside
 So far Audrey's attacks on any cotton balls or q-tips that happen to fall on the floor are her only interaction with the polish world. But I will be sure to be including her in my blog from now on, and will definitely pull out my camera if she does anything cute with my polishes. For now, she's definitely cute enough for me. :D


  1. OH she's just SO PRECIOUS <3

  2. Love the name. She's beautiful!!!! reminds me of a kitty I had when I was a kid.

  3. AAAW!!! So cute!! *cuddles* <3

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  5. Aww, thanks for your comments, you guys! Glad other people find her as adorable as I do. :)