Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fergie by Wet n Wild-the UNdupes

Here are the few Fergie polishes that are NOT repackaged Spoileds, as far as I can tell. I am by no means 100% sure about this, though, do please correct me if I'm mistaken. There are 9 colors I'm fairly sure are new. Please forgive the quality of the photos, I did not purchase most of these so they are mostly taken at Walgreens with fluorescent lighting. Also, I didn't get the names of all of them and I missed one of the colors I think is new in my "group" shots.

For more pictures of each individual polish, join me after the jump!
Fergie by Wet n Wild-Hollywood Walk of Fame

Fergie by Wet n Wild-Glamorous 
Fergie by Wet n Wild-Grammy Gold
I tried out Grammy Gold on one finger in my prior post about the Fergie polishes and their Spoiled counterparts.
Fergie by Wet n Wild-Platinum Record

Fergie by Wet n Wild-Ferguson Crest Sylah 
Fergie by Wet n Wild-Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night


  1. The blue in the 2nd picture looks like a dupe of WnW Chrome "Grew Up in Cobalt-imore", but I could be mistaken. And the black w/ holo glitter (3rd pic from bottom) is definitely a dupe of "Diamond in the Rough" from WnW's Color Icon holiday collection.
    There are very few that aren't dupes though, I think you caught 'em all! This collection hasn't even made it to NYC yet.

  2. I think you're right about both those polishes, Florence. I will have to compare the blue one with the chrome eventually, and I definitely think you're right about the silver one. I own Diamond in the Rough and the Fergie struck me as being veeerry familiar when I tried it out. Unfortunately, I don't have Diamond in the Rough available to me to compare right now.

  3. Hi! I got 2 of those, Tonight gonna be a good night and Rock n roll ( i know there's few brothers of this one, but couldnt catch those, so i got this one) I saw ur comment about SoT i might get a 2nd bottle because that's the best flake ever! Thanks for passing on my blog and for ur cheer.