Sunday, August 19, 2012

China Glaze Bohemain Nail Art

Kayla Shevonne's peacock feather design using China Glaze Bohemian colors
As soon as I saw China Glaze Defiantly Daring, I knew I had to own it. I was just such a gorgeous and bright blue-green. Once I picked up the other colors in the Bohemian collection, I knew I had to do something peacock related. The colors are just so jewel toned and bright, I don't think you can avoid thinking of a peacock!

Join me after the jump to get the link for a tutorial on this look, as well as a link to a bunch of beautiful other looks with the Bohemians!

I think the Polished Mommy proved herself to be the master of using the China Glaze Bohemians, she has a whole series with the colors. Check it out at this link, her nail art with these polishes is seriously amazing!

Unfortunately, my pictures are less than stellar and I don't own most of the polishes in question. (It's another case of my picking up polishes for a friend.) Since I can't recreate this look, I decided to go ahead and post the pictures I have. Believe me, the nails looked great IRL and Kayla Shevonne's design was super easy to follow. For really beautiful pictures of this design and many other creative looks, I urge you to check out her website. It's an awesome site for all kinds of nail art!

The peacock feather design features:
China Glaze Unpredictable-light gold green
China Glaze Defiantly Daring-teal
China Glaze Want My Bawdy-purple
Orly After Party-blue lines


  1. This looks so cool, it definitely does remind me of a peacock. I think you did a great job!

    1. Thanks for your comment,Jacqui. The design is definitely very cool and surprisingly easy, I'll definitely do it again in the future. :)