Saturday, May 12, 2012

More magnetics! Orly, Sally Hansen and Deborah Lippmann magnetic polishes

Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes

I've been out shopping recently and have spotted quite a few magnetic nail polishes that were new to me. The brands featuring magnetic polish now include: Deborah Lippmann, Sally Hansen and Orly. I've included a few pics here, but be sure to keep reading for more info, links and pictures!
Swatches of Orly Magnetic FX polishes
Deborah Lippmann Steal My Kisses magnetic nail polish set

 The collection that I took the most extensive photos of was the Sally Hansen Magnetics.  I just went to Walgreens last night and saw this display.
Sally Hansen Magnetic polish display at my local Walgreens
As you can see in the display, the collection retails for $9.99. There was a $1.00 off coupon in a pamphlet at the left bottom corner of the display. Despite this, I did not purchase any of these for myself. None of the polishes seemed unique enough to warrant the price. The polishes all had a plastic packaging that prevents anyone from opening them before purchasing them. Therefore, I have no personal experience of what the magnetic look of these will be or how well the magnet works.  Anyhow, here are all the polishes.
Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes, part one
There were a couple of colors that were really similar. So much so that I missed them when I took my initial "group" shots of the polishes. Here are the 2 purples:
Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes: silver, burgundy and purple
And here are the 2 brownish shades:
Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes: browns
 The coupon I mentioned earlier was actually part of a whole pamphlet about the polishes with lots of pictures. I didn't take great pictures of the Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes because I figured the pamphlet or other sort of publicity would already by online somewhere. I couldn't find anything when I search the interweb, though. I may have to scan the pamphlet and edit this post later.
Deborah Lippmann Nsils of Steel magnetic nail polish set
I'm sorry for the bad quality of my pictures of the Deborah Lippmann magnetics, which are new to me. The pictures were taken with a cell phone at Nordstroms, with the corresponding fluorescent lighting.  Here's a link to Vampy Varnish's review of Nails of Steel set, and here's one to the post that the Lacquered Lover did of the Steal My Kisses set. The Lippmann magnetic sets retail for $36.
Finally, a repost of the same picture of the Orly Magnetic FX. I found it at my local nail supply place for $7.50, and the colors came in the standard Orly bottle. The swatches were done by the store employees and I just took a picture of the "wheel." I found the following bottle image at Be Beautiful's website, where it's price is listed as $8.99.  Here's what the blue Orly magnetic polish looks like in the bottle:

Orly Magnetic FX bottle shot, from the BeBeautiful website
Are you excited about these new magnetics? Which will you be purchasing, if any?


  1. Very cool to see that there are lots of options for those who want to get on board this trend. :)

    I love looking at the manicures that people can come up with using these magnetic polishes, but for some reason, I don't feel the need to rush out and buy these. I'm content with looking at others' nails with this on them. :) *Checks forehead* Am I sick? :P

  2. I think we all have trends that pass us by, it's just a matter of taste. Saves more money for you to spend on the polishes you DO want to wear!

  3. I have too many magnetic polish already (nails inc, china glaze, finger paints) so I don't think I will be buying anymore. This is starting to go the way of crackle/shatter polish. We have reached saturation point. Still, it might be sort of new to some people so it's cool to have a lot of different brands doing magnetic polish.