Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orly Au Champagne-a holiday polish that's great anytime

Orly Au Champagne, sunlight
Like a lot of nail polish bloggers, I don't own a lot of white. I've never had a white polish "call out my name" the way purples, blues and glitters do. Despite this, I can truly say I adore Orly Au Champagne, a shimmery white polish from the 2011 Holiday Soiree collection. The polish looks good on its own and I think it's invaluable for another reason as well. Find out more after the jump!
Au Champagne is a wonderful white polish. Unlike a lot of whites, it doesn't look stark against your skin. I think it's the shimmer in the polish that makes it softer, and very appealing on the nail. It's a two coater and has a very nice formula.
Orly Au Champagne, natural light

I think Au Chanpagne is great polish for layering other polishes because of its shimmer. Oftentimes, when jellies or other types of polish are too sheer, we try to layer them over similar colors, but I think layering over this kind of white is another great option. The white makes the color in the jelly come through more clearly, and the shimmer in the polish makes the 2nd color with a "lit from within" look.

Overall, I'm very happy with this polish. I bought it at Sally's when it was on clearance from the holidays, but it's probably one of the best colors in Orly's holiday collection. If it's still around, try to get your hands on Au Champagne or a similar color. If it's with your untried polishes, put it on ASAP!

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