Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tips and tricks Tuesdays-Cheap gloves save manicures!

When you are removing a polish from your toes or from one hand but don't want to ruin the manicure you have on, be sure to reach for some gloves. I'll tell you the kind I use and when I use them after the jump.

I currently have a pair of gloves on hand at my polish table for occasions when I need to handle polish remover but don't want to remove the polish on one (or both) of my hands.

I started out just using my dishwashing gloves, which I also use to prevent my polish from being exposed to the heat and water of washing dishes. Both of these elements can ruin a manicure faster.  But alsoI began to use them when it came time to remove polish, and it really helped the longevity of my manicures.

I was not wearing these gloves while handling remover on a regular basis, partly because they reside in the kitchen and partly because they are a bit clunky. I solved both issues by purchasing latex gloves just for my manis.  They are way thinner than the dishwashing gloves, so they are easier to maneuver in.

Both dishwashing and latex gloves can be found in the cleaning section of any drugstore or supermarket. They are very inexpensive, and will end up saving you time and money in the long run.  TIme because you don't spend unneeded time repairing/redoing a ruined manicure. Money because polish and remover cost money, and you lose a bit of both when you have to redo you nails unnecessarily.

Here are some occasions when I break out the gloves:

  1. I've ruined one or more nails on one hand of my manicure, but the rest are okay. I can preserve the integrity of the rest of the mani by putting on a glove and only removing the polish from the problem nail(s). 
  2. Days when I am removing my pedicure but not the manicure.
  3. When I am using polish remover on my nail wheels but have a nice mani I want to maintain.
I hope this trick isn't one that is totally obvious, but it's something I only started doing in the last few months.  Hopefully others besides me can save the heartbreak of totally ruining their manis by handling polish remover carelessly.  

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