Friday, December 9, 2011

Zoya Twila over Finger Paints Where Art Renoir?- I chose this manicure

a)     because I was inspired by an awesome layering experiment over at Swatch and Learn.
b)     because of stamping gone terribly wrong
c)     as a physical manifestation of my internal joy at finding Sally Girl cuticle oil again
d)     to show off my very first Zoya
e)     all of the above! 

Natural light

I just got the Zoya last night, and was itching to try it out. I love turquoise and liked the color I already had on my nails, so I used CND Stickey as a basecoat, 2 coats WAR?, 1 coat Twila and Seche Vite on the base, not on the full mani. There's tipwear because I had hastily applied Finger Paints Where Art Renoir? a few days ago.

Finger Paints Where Art Renoir? is a pretty cool color I found at Sally's. It was on sale at the time for $3.99. I had been looking for Orly Goth but this looked like a total dupe at a lower price. I love how the glitter adds sparkle and girliness to what could be a harsh black. As far as the Zoya goes, it's a clear base with turquoise micro and hair glitter. Turquoise is my all time favorite color, and glitter is one of my favorite types of polish, so it was only a matter of time before this beauty ended up in my collection.

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  1. i like this layering combo! i don't have any of the holiday zoyas, but i might pick some up soon