Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Curse you, Library! I.e., please vote for a flakie!

Which Finger Paints flakie would you like to see first?
-Tainted(purple with green and gold) 
-Asylum(purple with green and gold and more blue)
-combo of some kind

I'm pretty new at this blogging thing, so I have no idea how to do a real poll. Vote for a favorite in the comments.  (If you want a reference point for the colors, follow this link to the Nail Polish MD, who did all of them over black.)  Also, let me know what you think my base color(s) should be. Remember that flakies do better over darker colors. 

How did I end up with all these flakies? What other polishes did I get-for $2 or less?  How does the library figure into any of it? Find out after the break!

So my original plan today was to stop by the library and print something out there because I don't have a printer. I wasn't even going to bother with Sally's since I just went on a spree yesterday. Despite the best laid plans, I ended up never setting foot in the library and buying a staggering 9 polishes at Sally's!!

Here's what happened: I've planned to go to the library since early today, so I made the mistake of calling Sally's to ask if they had the Finger Paints flakies in yet. When the answer was yes, wild horses wouldn't have kept me away from there-I've been stalking both my local Sally's since seeing my first pics FP's Special Effects collection! As it turns out, the city library across the street from Sally's is having a furlough day today, so they were not even open.  But Sally's was, and they are having a sale. All their clearance items are 50% off.

I repeat, all Sally's clearance items are 50% off! And part of their clearance section is polishes from the China Glaze, Finger Paints, and Orly holiday collections!!!  So if any of you ladies have colors you were iffy about that you want to pick up from the holiday collections, run, don't walk to your nearest Sally's. Especially if they were from China Glaze, which still had at least one or two colors from its collection available. (Snow Globe was the only exception at my Sally's)  Orly and Finger Paints were way more sparse.

I picked up Ring in the Red  and Holly Day from China Glaze for $1.64,  Finger Paints' Drummer Boy for $1.89, and Orly's Au Champagne for $1.99. This blog is called Impoverished by Polish for a reason-I don't have much disposable income and get most of my polishes at a discount. I can't imagine a better discount than this. I'm actually thinking that next year I won't buy any of the holiday polishes and just wait for the after sale. It's not like I don't have plenty of colors to choose from after this, LOL!

Of all my polishes, I'm still most excited about the flakies. So excited, in fact, that I can't seem to think through a plan about how to wear them. I don't want to do black because that's what we've already seen. Any suggestions regarding my embarrassment of flakie riches will be appreciated!

*edited to add: I am going on a no-buy. Possibly until 2013! ;)

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  1. I would like to see Asylum.

    And what a great deal on the polishes!