Sunday, December 25, 2011

12/25/11 Weekly Blog Roundup: New WnW polishes and some lists

Merry Christmas, everybody! So it being Christmastime, many bloggers (including me) have been too busy to post. Others have been posting beautiful nail art. There is so much great stuff to choose from, I won't make more work for myself by trying to narrow it down. Besides, I figure most people are done with their Xmas nail art anyway. 

-One fantastic piece of news this week just got posted on Nouveau Cheap's website: Wet n Wild is releasing 2 kinds of new nail products, along with some other makeup.  One of them is crackle nail polishes, which will be limited edition and were priced at $2.88 at Walmart.  I'm sure many nail philes are sick of the crackle trend, but I find Wet n Wild's entry notable because of the low price. The cheapest I've ever seen crackle before has been at $3.99. The other nail line  is "salon quality" nail polish, including a few new colors. This polish will retail at $1.99 each. Be sure to visit Nouveau Cheap's blog post for the full story. 

-A bit of bad news for me is my continued failure to find some of the new stuff I've told you about. I've yet to find Revlon's Whimsical or the Spoiled nail polish line even though I've been going to a bunch of different drugstores recently. Maybe after the Christmas season when they have more display space?

-The other thing I wanted to share is some top 10 lists.  Canadian bloggers Rebecca of Rebecca Likes Nails and Kayla Shevonne are currently doing a series on the top 10 nail polishes released in 2011!  The Nailspotting blog posted a top 10 list as well.  It's very interesting to see what their choices are and compare them to your own. Kayla and Rebecca have also done a personal top 10 list. The Polish Insomniac has her top 20 as one of the tabs at the top of her page.   I'm always trolling for new colors, so I find it fascinating to look at the colors that other polish lovers consider "the best of the best!" Here are the links: Jessica (i.e. The Polish Insomniac) and Kayla Part 1 Part 2.*Edited to add*  I got ahold of Rebecca and she provided links to her Top 10 posts Part 1 Part 2 with the caveat that her choices were made when her collection was much smaller.

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  1. I'm on a hunt for Revlon's Whimsical too! I havent seen it anywhere yet, but I've heard that it's been spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond (the ones with the Harmon beauty section in it). I've been too busy to check any BB&B because of the holidays, but I'm still keeping a hopeful eye out.