Sunday, December 18, 2011

12/18/11-Weekly Blog Roundup-Flakies Edition!

So this was not the most eventful week for me as far as having multiple links to share, but it was an eventful one for flakies!

Finger Paints is coming out with a new collection called Special Effects, and several blogs have featured their press release. The collection is scheduled for release in January, but a couple of people got ahold of the polishes early and swatched them. They are The Nail Polish M.D.. and the Nail Phile.

Several blogs posted the recent press release about the China Glaze Hunger Games collection. There is a flakie in that collection as well! Anyone besides me thinking that flakies will be the next trend in nail polish? 

In non-flakie news, if you missed out on Wet n Wild's limited edition polish, Correction Tape, you're in luck. The new Spoiled collection from Wet n Wild features the same polish under the new name "Trust Fund Baby." You can see them for yourself on Polish Fixation, which has a swatch comparing the two.

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