Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wet n Wild- Little Luxuries swatches

I had a fantastic Black Friday, largely because I avoided the malls like the plague. However, I did hit the Rite Aid in search of Revlon's Facets of Fuschia. While I didn't find that one, I did get these guys:

The set was on sale that day for $2.99. I figured that even if I hated the colors, the mini bottles themselves would be worth it.  You'll have to excuse the fact that there's a red one missing. I gave it to a friend before I realized I was going to blog about this collection. I went by Rite Aid last night to at least get a picture of the full set but they seem to be out of this collection.  

Here are 8 of the colors over a bare nail wheel. None of these colors have names on them, so you'll have to match the colors to the bottle pics. 

Now, a comparison between these minis and some similar Wet n Wild products. While the colors are close, they're but not quite dupes.  

Wet n Wild Metallica vs. silver mini coloricon
The silver has a little bit of an extra sparkle compared to Metallica. Metallica is also more streaky than the mini. 
Wet n Wild Sparked vs. pink glitter mini coloricon over black
The pink in the coloricon mini is a little bit more sparse and a darker pink than Sparked. 
Finally, a look at some of the glitters over black and white. They were a little hard to see over the bare nail wheel.

My attempt to capture some of the iridescent sparkle of the first glitter, which is hard to see over white. Here it is in the shade on white and the sunlight on black.
Obviously, the glitters are meant for layering but none of them are anything totally unique.  Meanwhile, most of the solid colors except the silver and gold took 3 or 4 coats to reach opacity.  They also seem like they are more meant for layering. 

I would say that while this collection was a great deal at $2.99, it might not be worth it at $4.99 because so many of the colors are not unique and would be better for layering. I'm pretty excited to wear the gold glitter over one of my red or green polishes for the holidays but not about any of the other colors. Maybe it would be a good gift for someone who's new to polish and/or doesn't have many glitters/topcoats.  What do you think?


  1. you should head back to wagreens, Revlon has a new collection, I think its called Brilliant Colors or something like that, they have Facets of Fuschia under a diff name, but it looks the same to me!

  2. I'm cheap and am waiting for Revlon to go on sale again. The weekly sales listings at Nouveau Cheap help me a lot with that, otherwise I would have given in to the lemming a long time ago! But I definitely have heard that the "new" polish is FoF with a different name.