Friday, December 30, 2011

More of Finger Paints Asylum

I tried out Finger Paints Asylum over various colors on the nail wheel. After limited success with the two colors I did try it over initially, I did another mani with it:

1 coat Asylum over 2 coats Artist's Sapphire, both Finger Paints polishes
Join me after the jump to see pictures of Asylum over various other colors on a nail wheel.
Here are some of the colors I swatched Asylum over.
Over hot pink, dark green and dark purple

Dark purple again, dark blue, half green, half grey

Over an almost black green and dark red

And here's another picture of it over a royal blue, Finger Paints Artist's Sapphire.  Even though this color and the dark purple were my favorites on the nail wheel, I still wasn't wowed by the mani. Since I didn't intend to keep it on, I didn't bother with cleanup, so sorry for the messy cuticles.

Finally, a picture to compare it with Finger Paints Twisted over black:

Finger Paints Twisted on left, Asylum on right

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