Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa manicure

Heeeere's Santa  
Where would Santa be without his cookies? Plus, I had no idea how to do a sleigh or reindeer ;)
I'm not really sure what to say about this one. It's all the components of Santa's outfit.  I'm not sure that the face is all that great but hopefully you get the idea when you see the other fingers.  I got the idea after seeing this post on the suit from Swatch and Learn Santa nails and various manis featuring stamped hats.

Santa again, all pics in natural light
Sorry for the quality of the thumb pics. Taking a macro of your own right thumb while trying to hold the camera steady ain't easy!

For this mani, I used the some of the same colors as I did for my other Christmas mani.  My main colors were Wet n Wild French White Creme as a base white and the base red is an unnamed red polish I got in Mexico from a brand called Ylsel. I used Wet n Wild Black Creme and Metallica for the belt, China Glaze Blue Year's Eve for the main background color, Glittering Garland for the cookie background and acrylic paint for the face and cookies. 

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  1. WOW - you did a wonderful job on this! :D I can see that you put in a lot of time and effort. It was totally worth it.

    (Thanks for the shout-out, by the way!)