Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Think visual: comparison of Orly Stone Cold vs. China Glaze Blue Year's Eve

Orly Stone Cold on index and pinky, China Glaze on ring and Kleancolor Shining Sea on middle, sunlight
April is Autism Awareness month! People on the autism spectrum think visually, often described as thinking in pictures rather than words. While other people process information through words and images (and maybe more, I'm no expert), those on the autism spectrum mainly process through images.

I think only a very visual person would be really able to notice the differences between Orly Stone Cold and China Glaze Blue Year's Eve.  They are close enough for me to call them dupes, but I'll describe the tiny differences between them, after the jump!

Orly Stone Cold on index and pinky, China Glaze on ring and Kleancolor Shining Sea on middle, shade

I mentioned in my earlier post about Orly Stone Cold that  it was very close to China Glaze Blue Year's Eve. Here is the comparison post so you can see the 2 polishes together yourself.

 I also included Kleancolor Shining Sea because it's the color that initiated this post. You see, on Sunday, I put on a base coat, smudged it, and put Shining Sea on top of it, anyway. The results were disastrous, but a couple of nails looked good enough to salvage. Since the color reminded me of Stone Cold and Blue Year's Eve, I decided to do a comparison between the 3 colors. I think it's fairly obvious that Shining Sea is lighter than either Stone Cold or BYE, but that's how the color ended up being involved in this comparison.
Orly Stone Cold on index and pinky, China Glaze on ring and Kleancolor Shining Sea on middle
Here are the differences as I see them. Blue Year's Eve is a tiny bit darker than Stone Cold. The shimmer in BYE leans a bit blue and purple, while the shimmer in Stone Cold is a bit stronger and is a bit more silvery. This difference was very difficult to capture on camera, but was something I observed best with artificial lighting. If you enlarge the following picture and squint, you can kind of see the difference I'm talking about.
I swatched the 2 colors on pieces of tape using 1, 2 and 3 coats. At first, Stone Cold is more opaque but by the second coat Blue Year's Eve is just as dark. Neither of them had staining issues for me. They are both beautiful, shimmery turquoise blues and I'd say they're dupes for most of us.  


  1. I really like these blue polishes. I only have Blue Year's Eve so I'm glad I won't be scrambling to get Stone Cold. I always like to see comparison posts because it helps me spend less.

  2. They're definitely beautiful shades so I'm sure I'm not the only blue lover who was tempted by them. I'm glad to have helped you save a bit of money :)