Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm not listening:Jordana Cosmic over black

Jordana Cosmic over Wet n Wild Black Creme
As I mentioned in my post on Monday, those on the autistic spectrum mainly process things in their brain through visuals. Consequentially, someone on the autism spectrum may not be good processing what they hear. They often take a bit as their brain deals with auditory information, which makes it seem like they may not be listening. If you are ever dealing with someone with autism, give them a few seconds to understand what they just heard. Their hearing may be great, but those with autism are listening to sounds very differently!

For today's post I wanted to feature Jordana Cosmic. While I've done a comparison and shown a jelly sandwich with it, this awesome turquoise, green and silver glitter definitely deserves its own post. To see more pictures, including some with a matte topcoat, keep reading!

Jordana Cosmic over Wet n Wild Black Creme
Before trying out Jordana Cosmic over black, I didn't really get the name. It seemed like a perfectly fine name for a glitter, but nothing particularly fitting. However, after sporting the glitter over Wet n Wild Black Creme, I see why the name is completely appropriate. Anytime I looked at my nails wearing this combo, I was totally reminded of a space and what a picture of the stars and galaxy would look like.   The turquoise, green and silver hexes combined with turquoise glitter really make for an out-of-this-world combination!
Jordana Cosmic over Wet n Wild Black Creme with matte topcoat
I decided to mattify this look after a day because I had loved the effect on my nail wheel.  That's not surprising, since the few looks I really love for a matte topcoat involve glitter or black. Since this combo had both, I really dug the matte effect on it. Unfortunately, the sun/lighting was not cooperating with me when I took pictures, I really don't think the pics I have capture just how cool this looks. I definitely recommend trying it, though!

So going back to the my participation in Autism Awareness month, some of you may be wondering why I'm doing this as a series. I work as a teacher's aide with special education children, and have worked with a lot of amazing, beautiful children on the autism spectrum over the years. While I have no formal training in autism, I've worked with a lot of dedicated, wonderful teachers and other professionals who've been kind enough to educate me about the condition. I've also attended a few seminars about the condition in order to better understand and work with my students. My experience with autistic children makes me feel passionate about the condition because I've seen first-hand how families and educators struggle in dealing with kids on the spectrum. While I'm no expert, I'm trying to share what I know to do my part to educate society at large about autism.

 Being more informed about what they're dealing with is a small way we can help parents and caregivers as we interact with autistic folks out in the real world. For one incredibly insightful and heartbreaking tale about some of the struggles kids on the spectrum (and their parents) face, read this post from Kimber at Kimber's Lacquer Corner. Also, check out Megan at A Polish Problem, whose child also on the spectrum. She's the one who started the ball rolling for me as far as doing 30 days of Blue for autism awareness. I'm really glad to be able to participate and share some of my experiences and knowledge as April continues. :)


  1. Beautiful! I think its amazing that you are doing a series of blue for autism awareness, what a great cause!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. It's definitely a cause I care a lot about because of having worked with so many wonderful kids!

  2. Replies
    1. I think a lot of people were dissppointed because it looks a lot like Across the Universe in the bottle, but it really is a great combo of glitters in its own right!

    2. I agree - it's still a very gorgeous polish that stands alone. :) And, you're right - it does look a bit like Across the Universe.