Saturday, April 14, 2012

Child's play? Silvery blue watercolor

Watercolor nails on China Glaze Luna
A common insult for modern art is that "it's so simple, a child could do it." Let me tell you, even the simple things like coloring and painting can be quite complicated for autistic children. Teachers and occupational therapists spend a lot of time in the early years of a child's life working on "hand grasp." Having a good hand grasp on pencils, pens and crayons is vital to a child being able to write and function as s/he gets older.

The second night I stayed at with my friend, she mentioned that she hadn't had much luck when she tried watermarbling.  Since I haven't exactly been successful myself, I suggested that we try watercolor nails, instead. This isn't my favorite look, but it's not too bad for a first try. To see more pictures of my mani, AND to find out how Daisy the dog dealt with all the polish, keep reading!
There are a couple of reasons I wasn't crazy about this look. First, we didn't have a paintbrush onhand so I used my cleanup brush for this. Also, China Glaze Luna is a glitter, so even with topcoat on, the nail surface was a bit bumpy.

Watercolor nails on China Glaze Luna
I found this great tutorial for watercolor nails over at Rebecca Likes Nails. Rebecca does a step by step breakdown of the process with tons of pictures and tips, so if you're interested in trying this look for yourself, that's a great resource. The 3 colors I used in this mani are:

-China Glaze Luna (base)
-Essie Sexy Divide (purple)
-Wet N Wild Blue Moon (dark blue)

China Glaze Luna is a baby blue-sh silver with beautiful holo glitter, so I thought I'd include a few pics of it on its own. Here it is swatched alone:
China Glaze Luna
And here is a bottle shot in  where you can see Luna in comparison with a real silver, Wet n Wild Silvivor.

Wet n Wild Silvivor on left, China Glaze Luna on right. See the holographic glitter in Luna?
Finally, I wanted to share a couple more pictures of Daisy. As you might know, watercolor nails are a bit time consuming, so here's what the living room looked like during our session:
Our messy polish set-up
Daisy's philosophy: when all else fails, run and hide! Here's a closeup of the blanket on the couch, LOL:
"Please, please, stop with the polishing!"