Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter egg (dog) hunt!

Easter egg manicure, dog not included ;)
First of all, I have to explain that I took a short vacation this last weekend to take advantage of my spring break. I was away from the internet and that's why I'm posting my Easter related manis today.

I wanted to do an Easter manicure that still fit into my blue scheme for Autism Awareness, so I chose to include lots of blue leaning pastels for this look. I was staying with a friend over my vacation and used her backyard to shoot my sunlight pictures of the mani. Daisy the dog was there and has graced us with her beauty in several of my pictures. To see more of her, join me after the jump for a pic (and dog) heavy post!

Daisy the dog.
Licking your lips for more of Daisy? You're in luck!

It's somewhat appropriate that Daisy would be in my autism related posts because, like all animals, she is a visual thinker. As I've mentioned, one characteristic of autism is that those on the spectrum think in pictures. They can often help us better understand the animal kingdom by giving us insight into how animals perceive the world.

This manicure is by no means original. This is just my version of the cute Easter egg mani that Mary at Swatch and Learn showed us. Check out her post to see her original design and the tutorial I followed.
What are you looking at? The cute mani or the cuter dog?

The blue-ish pastels I used in this manicure are:
-China Glaze Secret Periwinkle (lines and dots)
-Essie Borrowed and Blue
-Wet n Wild I Need Refresh-mint (dupe of CG For Audrey)
Blurry pics, blurrier pooch!
 As I mentioned earlier, Daisy was underfoot as I took some sunlight photos of my nails. She kept looking at me as if asking "Why are you wasting time with your nails when you could be playing with me?!" I did relent and play with her during my time outside. Here's a pic of her trying to catch her favorite toy (the squirrel she has in my first pic of her, before the jump.)

And now you've reached the tail end of my post. Hope you enjoyed my special guest as much as I did!

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  1. Adorable nails, Cristina! :D And Daisy is super cute, too. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.