Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Sephora X polishes on their way, including a Sticks and Stones type of polish!

I happened to stop by my local Sephora yesterday, where I was thrilled to find that they are carrying a whole new line of nail polish.  The most shocking in the bunch for me was definitely Chaotic, a black and white gitter along the same lines as Sticks and Stones/Connect the Dots. Expect a full swatch soon, but for now, here's a picture of it on my thumb.

Edited to add: I now have a swatch of Chaotic here.

The sales associates at Sephora were very excited about this new line of polishes, and they are how I learned more about the polishes. Apparently, there are 50 flagship Sephora stores in the US that got the displays for this weekend, but it should be rolled out nationwide by summer of 2013.  Here's a link to the Sephora website where you can check them out for yourself. Unfortunately, the bottles are only .33 oz and retail for $9.50, so they're a bit on the pricey side.

There was an innovation in this display that I really liked-  their clear plastic tester sheet. You can test out the polish on the plastic sheet instead of your nails to see how it applies. In addition, you can put your nail under the clear plastic with the polish on in order to see how the color will look on you! Isn't that cool? I wish other stores woud follow Sephora's lead on this, it is such an awesome and helpful tool!


  1. Oooh- me wanty!!!
    I wonder if this is the end of the OPI relationship? Did they still have their Sephora by OPI displays?

    1. Don't think this is going to affect their OPI relationship. The Sephora by OPI polishes were in their usual spot at the nail bar, while the Sephora X display was in a separate part of the store.