Monday, November 5, 2012

Lazy 15 Day 2- Half Moon gradient with Pacific Blue

Half moon gradient featuring Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and Island Girl Aloha Luau
Calling all nail detectives! If you know the originator of this design, I'd love more information about it. All I know is that someone on the Makeup Alley nail board posted a picture of a mani like this, and I loved it so much that I knew I had to recreate it. Here's the original picture that I saw, it's from Pinkie G on Beautylish.  (Thank you to Jennifer Q for helping me find the original post. This is what I get for using the image search option on Google Images instead of entering key descriptive words.)

I chose 2 of my favorite polishes for the look, Island Girl Aloha Luau and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  Island Girl Aloha Luau in an amazing purple, it's almost a purple neon with a bit of a shimmer. I first learned about it when I saw this beautiful gradient with it from Canvas Nails.  I actually put in a special request to Esmeralda Pearlfinish for her to pick it up when she visited Hawaii recently.  Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is another amazing color, one that is much more readily available than the Island Girl. Pacific Blue is available at drugstores everywhere as part of the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line. Pacific Blue is a gorgeous bright periwinkle blue, I can't express how much I adore it! In combination with the amazing Aloha Luau, it's one stunning manicure!

Join me after the jump for more pictures and a quick description of the technique involved.
My attempt at a half moon gradient
So the technique for this manicure is actually quite simple. Start with a complete dry manicure of your base color. Add some paper reinforcement stickers to the bottom of your nails to create the half moon. Next, use a sponge to gradient, starting at the bottom of the nail after the sticker. Make sure to stop before getting to the edge of the nail. Repeat sponging near the base of the nail.  

Gradient with Island Girl and Sally Hansen
I can't tell you how much I love Aloha Luau and Pacific Blue, the polishes I used in this manicure. In combination with the fact that I love the design I based it on, it's no surprise that I'm head over heels for this look! 


  1. Hi there! I honestly have no idea how I got to your blog but glad I did!

    I did some tracking and the photo looks like it may have came from this website:

    I'm sure there are photos of this type of design in different colors that have been uploaded before she did, but this particular photo seems to have originated from her. =) Hope this helps

    I've personally done this myself a year or two ago but never took any photos so maybe some other people have been doing it for a while too! Who knows?

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Jennifer! It helped a ton! I've edited my post to direct people to that website.

      I really love this design, I'm sure it looked great when you did it.:) It seems like it would look great with a lot of color combinations.