Saturday, November 3, 2012

Belated Halloween skittle manis

Halloween skittle nails, featuring "candy" accent nail

I did not really do much this Halloween, and basically only celebrated with my nails. I did two different kinds of skittles on my two hands.

I broke out my mom's baking stuff for the left hand. Long before I ever heard of caviar manicures, I saw this post on All Lacquered Up about a candy look Katy Perry had sported on her nails. When I saw my mom's Halloween themed nonpareils, I knew I wanted to try it. As it turns out, these little guys aren't ideal for manicures. You can't expose them to water or the color will wash out. And they pop off even more easily than caviar microbeads do.  Despite this, it was fun to wear them for a little bit and it totally made me feel like I was in the Halloween spirit!

China Glaze glass fleck Halloween nails, featuring Riveting and Smoke and Ashes
I kept things simple on my right hand. I wore two glass fleck polishes, China Glaze Smoke and Ashes and China Glaze Riveting.  They both have such a cool shimmer to them in the sun that they were very fun to look at. 

If you're curious to know exactly what polishes I wore on my left hand, join me after the jump.

Halloween skittle nails, featuring "candy" accent nail, frankenstein ring finger and Halloween hair glitter

Here's my list of the polishes I used on my left hand:

Sinful Colors Amethyst (purple)
Sinful Colors Innocent (lime green)
Sinful Colors Clementine (orange)
Pumpkin Polish unnamed? (black and orange bar glitter)

I have question mark after that last one because I found this pumpkin polish at a random nail supply store, and it looks different from the pumpkin polishes they sell at Rite Aid. Despite being different, I still love the cool bottle design and enjoy wearing festive glitter, so the pumpkin glitter is a total success in my book!

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