Monday, February 25, 2013

Mermaid's Birthday nails! Island Girl Red Sun is a party in a bottle

Island Girl Red Sun over OPI Ink, natural light
Here's a look I sported on my nails recently. The layered dots on the accent finger really remind me of a mermaid's tail and the glitter makes me think of birthday confetti, so I called the look "Mermaid's Birthday."

 Red Sun is an awesome glitter polish from Island Girl brand. Island Girl is a polish brand that is found only in certain locations. As far as I know, Island Girl is only available in Hawaii and and Las Vegas.  I'm lucky that Esmeralda Pearlfinish's travels have taken her to both places. It's only because of Esme that I own any Island Girl polishes at all. Check out more pictures of this unique polish after the jump!
Island Girl Red Sun, bottle shot
Red Sun is a clear base with dark pink and blue glitter and hex glitter. In addition, it has pieces of light blue green shard glitter. The only polish I can think of that's like it is one of those unnamed, limited edition Snowman polishes. They look alike in the bottle, including the color of the glitters, but the type of glitters in them is different. My analysis is based on these pictures I found on the Nails Like Lace blog.

Island Girl Red Sun over OPI Ink, natural light
 I wore 2 coats of it Island Girl Red Sun over OPI Ink in this manicure. In the photo of my right hand above, I didn't do an accent nail and just used Red Sun over all of my nails.

OPI Ink is one of the classic colors from OPI that many people discuss. It's a shimmery dark purple-blue polish.  I've heard that some people have a hard time deciding whether it's more of a purple or more of a blue, but for me it's definitely on the purple side.

Dotted accent nail featuring Orly Sweet Peacock and LA Girls Magnetized, natural light
I based the look for my accent nail on this post from Chalkboard Nails. She followed this tutorial from Little Nails, and it's so pretty! In addition to OPI Ink, the accent nail also features Orly Sweet Peacock (blue dots) and LA Girl Magnetized (pink dots).

Island Girl Red Sun over OPI Ink, shade
Do you own any Island Girl polishes? Where did you find them? Does this look make you think of mermaids, birthdays, or something else? Let me know in the comments!

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