Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Baaaaack!- Sinful Colors Green Ocean has already been sighted!

This year's St. Patrick's display, featuring Green Ocean in the middle
I've heard reports on various websites that some Walgreens have already started putting out the St. Patrick's Day displays that feature Sinful Colors Green Ocean. The green tinted polish is a favorite among us nail lovers because it's a flakie polish at a very affordable price!

The green hued flakie is only available annually in St. Patrick's Day displays.  Like all Sinful Colors polishes, its retail price is only $1.99. In the past, Walgreens is the only drugstore where I've found the St. Patrick's Day displays with this polish but I also wasn't much of a Rite Aid shopper before this year. I imagine that other stores that carry Sinful Displays might also be putting the St. Patrick's polishes out soon.

There are plenty of nice swatches of Green Ocean out there. Personally, I've layered it over violet and blue.  My swatch below has it over Orly Royal Navy.  Hopefully I'll come up with some other good layering combos and post them soon. In the meantime, just wanted to alert everyone to start looking, since this polish is highly coveted and only available around this time of year. After St. Patrick's Day, it'll disappear faster than a fleeing leprechaun!

Sinful Colors Green Ocean layered over Orly Royal Navy, natural light
Edited to add: check out my recent swatches of Green Ocean over a pastel purple and dark green!

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