Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sinful Colors Star Dust-purple+fuschia=awesome!!!

Sinful Colors Star Dust, natural light
Sinful Colors Star Dust is a new polish from the Sinful Colors glitter collection.  It is a clear base with mostly purple and some magenta glitters.  I don't have it on hand to do a comparison, but this color seems really close to the limited edition Wet n Wild color called Back Alley Deals. The big difference I know offhand is that Back Alley Deals dried to a semi-matte finish, while Star Dust is fairly shiny when it dries. Also, it took 3 coats to achieve opacity with Star Dust, while I think the Wet n Wild glitters were opaque in 2.  Despite the differences, I'm glad that Sinful Colors released this polish so more people can have a chance to pick up this gorgeous combination of glitters! If you're lucky enough to find it this week like I did, you can pick it up for 99 cents with a Walgreens coupon. :)

Sinful Colors Star Dust


  1. Love this!

    I've been lemming Back Alley Deals for ages, this looks super :)

  2. I hope you and lots of other people can get this great color at a great price! It's a beautiful color combo and it works well layered over similar colors as well as on its own.

    BTW, Sinful Colors has a color named Super Star that's very similar to the limited edition WnW color Believe Me, It's Real. I went ahead and got it during the 99 cent sale and prefer Super Star! It's part of the new core display of Sinfuls at Walgreens.