Thursday, February 2, 2012

My new favorite red-Kleancolor Red Hot

Kleancolor Red-Hot, natural light
Actually, the title of this post is a bit inaccurate. This is not my new favorite red, it's the first red I can ever call a favorite. I am usually kind of meh on reds and it's the color I own the least of in my entire collection. Kleancolor Red-Hot is the only red that I can truly say I adore! All the other reds I own have come in box sets and/or been purchased for reasons other than just the color.  To learn why I love this red so much, join me after the jump!

Kleancolor Red Hot 

I found this gem of a polish at a dollar store. I actually purchased it thinking it was just a red glitter and was planning to save it until the next time nail art called for it. However, as soon as I tested it out on a nail, I saw that not only was all the glitter in the polish red, the base color was tinted red also! Since I love me a jelly finish on polish, I was immediately way more excited about it. As soon as I had a chance, I wore the color, and I loved it so much that I kept it on for a week. That's almost unheard of for me, but it's just such an interesting polish.!

Kleancolor Red-Hot, sunlight
Kleancolor Red-Hot is a red jelly with red glitter and hex glitters in the base. It's a tomato red shade that's closer to China Glaze Ring in the Red than Ruby Pumps. It's way less densely packed than either of those two glitters, besides the fact that neither of them includes hex glitter. The hex glitter is a bit hard to spread out and has to be manipulated a little to position it where you want it. I think it's well worth the effort when you get a beautiful jelly finish with hex and regular glittering through, peeking through the layers of red. The polish was even and fairly pigmented after 2 coats. I don't know if you can ever call a jelly opaque, though. ;)

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