Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/12/12 Weekly Blog Roundup: Milani versus Jordana glitter edition!

-This week, Sinful Colors will be for sale for $.99 at Walgreens. Just in time for this sale, the Nouveau Cheap blog has a couple of posts up about the 8 colors that seem to have recently been released by Sinful Colors. This post has pictures of 3 of them and this one has descriptions of all of them and links to swatches some as well. I saw 3 of these colors when I was at Walgreens, but none of them impressed me enough to purchase it.(The color I wanted, Cinderella, wasn't in the display.)

-The Jordana glitters should be at your local Kmart, if you have a local Kmart. Both Kimberly at Libby's Pink Vanity and I have found them at our local Kmarts. To find out where your nearest Kmart is, you can use the store locator on the Kmart website. 

-Milani is releasing a series called Jewel FX that I saw at Kmart and Target today. If you don't have a Kmart near you, this collection seems to have a lot of the same colors as the Jordana glitters. LadycrowX at The Crow and the Powderpuff blog has swatches of all of them in this post.

-I've swatched Jordana Cosmic and Milani Teal (which is from the Jewel FX series) and they appear to be nearly identical. I will be posting my comparison between the them tomorrow. Since Milani and Jordana are owned by the same parent company, it sure seems like the dupes between them have the same basic formula.

I wanted to take a second to discuss the differences between the Jordana and Milani glitters. The most important difference to a lot of you is the availability. While Milani seems to be available at all the major drug and superstores, Jordana polish is only available at Kmart. However, if you happen to have a Kmart nearby, the Jordana version is a better deal. Jordana is $2.99 for .5 oz, while Milani is $4.99 for .45 oz. You could also order the Jordana glitter polishes online at the Jordana website. In my case, the Kmart is 30 minutes away and was on my way to another errand, so I went with the better deal. :) The Jordana polishes are also available through the Jordana website. Based on their page about shipping, the cost of shipping orders of under $25 is $5 for standard shipping, with more expedited versions at $10 and $15. You can read all about their shipping charges, shipping times and processing times on a handy table at the shipping info page of the Jordana website. Not surprisingly, Milani's shipping and processing info is laid out in a nearly identical fashion on their shipping info page, though its prices are different than Jordana's. Since most of us have access to Milani anyway, I guess that's a moot point.  Which polish will you guys end up choosing, and why?

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