Saturday, February 4, 2012

OPI Give Me the Moon- This post is significant because

OPI Give Me the Moon, natural light

a) it's the last pic of my nails before they became nubbins

b) it's the subtlest color you'll ever see me wear

c) it reminded me of Wallace and Gromit

d) it's one of my best polish deals ever!

e) A,C, & D

OPI Give Me the Moon is a lovely grey purple shimmer. It's part of the core collection and is a work appropriate color that's still really interesting to look at because of the subtle way it shimmers in the light. But for a further explanation of these quiz answers and more pictures, join me after the jump.

OPI Give Me the Moon bottle, natural light

Ok, here's the explanation for my quiz answers:

a) I had been trying to grow out my nails for a while, and was pleasantly surprised by how strong my longer nails were. I have been using L'oreal Grow Strong as my base coat, so I don't know if it's that product or general good nail care that was working for my usually brittle nails.  However, right after this manicure, I chopped down my nails. The reason is that I work with children. For days prior to this  mani, I was scared every time I had to touch a kid.  One wrong move on my part, and I could possibly seriously scratch one of the kiddos with my long(ish) nails. I will probably keep my nails short for the foreseeable future, unless all the kids decide to start wearing suits of armor to school. (In which case, I'll have more serious problems than my nails to worry about, LOL.) 

OPI Give Me the Moon, sunlight

b) this color is definitely quite subtle for my tastes, but I do occasionally venture into neutral territories. I usually run quickly back to glittery/loud territories afterwards, but that's beside the point. :)

c) the color reminded me of the classic British cartoons, Wallace and Gromit, after reading this post on Polished Indulgence. The color itself doesn't really remind me of the moon, but the post reminded me of what fun movies the Wallace and Gromits are. My favorite is A Close Shave, you can't really beat an evil, silent penguin in my book!

d) Give Me the Moon is one of 6 or 7 OPIs that I obtained at a garage sale. Out of all the polishes, only this one and Mod About You are more opaque. I guess the seller was more of a french manicure gal. Anyway, I got this and 9 other polishes for a whopping $1 a piece. This was definitely a great deal for a truly lovely polish!

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