Friday, February 10, 2012

Spoiled Pet My Peacock over China Glaze Sweet Hook

China Glaze Sweet Hook with Spoiled Pet My Peacock glitter,sunlight
I am drawn to pastels and glitters like a moth to a flame, so it's not surprising that I had to have both of these polishes once I saw them. China Glaze Sweet Hook is a beautiful pastel purple that leans a bit pink, while Spoiled Pet My Peacock is an awesome combo of lavender, light green, light blue, silver and gold glitter in a clear base. Learn what I thought of the polishes and see more pictures of this beautiful combo after the jump.

China Glaze Sweet Hook with Spoiled Pet My Peacock glitter, natural light
China Glaze Sweet Hook was part of the recent Electropop collection. I am always drawn to pastel shades of purple, green and blue, so I ended up getting SH and Kinetic Candy from that collection.  Sweet Hook is just a beautiful purple because it has that hint of pink that separates it from other purple pastels.

Sweet Hook applied fine for me and was opaque at 2 coats. Like a lot of purples, it turned out to be quite a hassle to photgraph. No matter what kind of lighting I tried, it was never quite right. It would photograph bluer or pinker than reality. I think the following picture is probably the most color accurate of what I got. I really recommend seeing this one for yourself, it's a beauty.

China Glaze Sweet Hook with Spoiled Pet My Peacock glitter, sunlight

Spoiled Pet My Peacock is a great glitter topcoat, despite its questionable (or funny?) name. I really like the combination of colors in this glitter.  I had been searching the CVS stores for a while now in hopes that the Spoiled collection would finally land in my area, and I finally found them last Tuesday. I was immediately drawn to the glitters, and this was the first one I broke out. I think the purple and blue in it compliment the purple of Sweet Hook. 

As other people have mentioned, the Spoiled brushes are not the best, and this in combination with the glitter made for tricky application. Basically, all the glitter tends to clump together on one part of the brush and you have to tease the polish with the brush once it's on the nail to get the glitter positioned where you want. Some of the glitter ends up clinging to the tips and sides of your nails.  Despite this, I was satisfied with the amount of glitter and think this polish was well worth the two coats it took to apply. Another note about application-the clear base of this polish seems thicker than a lot of other clear based polishes. Even after cleanup, I kept finding bits of dried clear polish around my cuticles. None of this makes it a dealbreaker for me, since I don't expect great quality from a $2 polish.  That is what the polishes in this CVS exclusive collection retail for, and I'm thinking there might be sales once they roll out in the entire country. 

What do you think of this combo? Will you be buying some Spoiled polishes when you can? And when should you pet a peacock?

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