Sunday, April 20, 2014

Drippy look with Color Club For You

Color Club For You with Jordana Boy Oh Boy drips
Happy Easter, everyone! Today I'm sharing some nails I sported a little while back, after wearing Color Club For You on its own.  For You is really cool because of the mix of colorful glitters it includes, especially the matte ones. I think this polish is totally reminiscent of Funfetti cake or rainbow sprinkles. That's why I thought that colorful drips on it would make the perfect accent. For me, it looks like dripping icing on a yummy cake.  I had a hard time deciding between the colors in For You. I ended up going with red and teal, although I feel like the right yellow or purple would have also worked.  I think the teal, Jordana Boy Oh Boy!, is especially appropriate because it's an almost perfect match for the matte teal glitter in For You. I used that teal for my left hand and Nicole by OPI OMB! for my right.  That last name is not an abbreviation, guys, that's actually the name of the polish. It came out in a Justin Bieber themed collection, but it's such a  pretty shimmery red that I bought it anyway. ;)
Color Club For You with NOPI OMB! drips
Check out a few more pictures after the jump!
Here are some more pics from each hand:

Color Club For You with teal drips, left hand
Color Club For You with Jordana Boy Oh Boy drips
Color Club For You with NOPI OMB! red drips

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