Friday, April 25, 2014

Fragrance Fridays: fragrances to check out!

Pic of my haul at Sallys Beauty Supply, including 3 great perfumes!
Hi, guys! Just wanted to do this quick post in order to recommend these travel sized perfumes from Sally's.  The packaging calls them "fragrance spray pens."  They were on clearance at my local Sally's for 99 cents, and this weekend's sale means I picked them up for 50 cents!   The fragrances come in plastic tubes with spray nozzles on them and then a cap on top. You could actually unscrew the spray tops and refill the tube when you've used up your fragrance, if you were so inclined. Each bottle contains 6.5 ml, and the fragrances are so nice that I can easily imagine myself using them up.  My favorite of the bunch is the one called Smitten, whose fragrance I would describe as fruity, sweet and tart. I'm feel ill equipped for describing scents, though, so I urge you to check these out for yourself if you visit Sally's this weekend. 

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