Saturday, April 5, 2014

Color Club slips under the radar with a rainbow milky glitter

Color Club For You, a rainbow glitter suspended in a white base
Here are my swatches of Color Club For You, probably the most underwhelmingly named polish in the world.  For You is a polish with milky white base and tons of colorful glitter mixed in. While this is definitely not unique in the world of indie nail polish, it's fairly unusual when it comes to mainstream nail polish brands.  What makes it really unique is the mix of glitters in this polish. For You features some pretty standard shiny glitter-red, lavender, and indigo- mixed in with a couple of matte colors, yellow and blue green. The indigo glitter in it is so dark that it almost seems matte, but close examination shows it to be a bit shiny. Along with all these larger hex glitters, there are some fine indigo and red microglitters in the mix as well. Overall, this makes for a really fun and eye-catching polish!
Color Club For You, sunlight

I found this nail polish at US Nails, my local nail supply store, but have not heard too much about this particular polish nor the collection it was released with. There were several milky glitters from Color Club that caught my eye at the store, but I ended up only buying this one.  

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