Friday, September 7, 2012

Comparison-Salon Express Nail Art Paint vs. Konad

Salon Express Nail Art Paint on the middle and pinky fingers, Konad black on the index and pointer
I have a polish friend who's really into stamping, and she prefers special stamping polish for her stamping. Because of her influence, when I saw that Salon Express had their own stamping polishes, I went ahead and picked them up. I was able to access some Konad black polish for a comparison, which is what I have for you today. 

Find out where to find Salon Express Nail Art Paint and see more pics, after the jump!

Salon Express Nail Art Paint on the middle and pinky fingers, Konad black on the index and pointer
I found a set of black and white nail art paint for $6.99 at DD's Discounters. I haven't broken out the white polish yet, but I'm very hopeful based on my experience with the black version.

Comparison of 2 black stamping polishes over Orly Beach Cruiser
As you can see in the photos above, there is no difference between the Konad polish and the Salon Express that's easily apparent. As far as I can tell, they are dupes.You can see that my stamping is far from perfect, but that's user error rather than a problem with either of the polishes.  I stamped over Orly Beach Cruiser, a great neon pink creme.

I haven't seen this set of polishes recently at any of my DD's Discounters, I'm thinking they aren't readily available any more. Regardless, you can still find the set online on retailers like Amazon and As Seen On TV Guys. I had my doubts about going for a non-Konad stamping polish, but now I totally recommend the Salon Express black polish. It's just as good and the set of 2 polishes retails for less than Konad brand polish.


  1. Yes, there's really no need for buying the extra-expensive Konad polishes. I've had good luck also with a few of my China Glazes (Jolly Holly, Little Drummer Boy, Midnight Kisses); all you gotta do is try em out :)

    I'm sure you have a few good stamping polishes in your collex, too, and you don't even know!

    1. Given the size of my collection, I'm sure there are some good polishes in the mix somewhere, it's just a question of sitting down and testing them. I'll be sure to remember about Jolly Holly for the holidays this year, as I own that one.