Sunday, September 16, 2012

VIVA MEXICO! Mexican Independence Day mani

September 16th is Mexican Independence Day, and I couldn't let the day pass by without doing some Mexico themed nails. My parents are both from Mexico, and while I am proud to to call myself an American, part of me is always connected to the land of the Aztecs.  Some of my happiest childhood memories happened in Mexico, and there are many people I love who live there.

Further proof of the festivities at my house- red, white and green dessert!

See a few more pictures, plus find out why this mani is a my 2nd attempt-all after the jump!

I went with a red, white and green scheme for obvious reasons. I did a splatter on the middle, and tried to do plastic wrap on the pointer. I didn't test the the white first, so I thought the white was too dominant. That's why I ended up adding some red hex glitters from Kleancolor Red Hot. For the ring finger, I stamped with Sinful Colors Snow Me White over green and red nails. I thought the pattern I chose looks vaguely Aztec-ish. Finally, I tried to emulate a Mexican flag on my pinky using tape. The tape near the green didn't come off smoothly, so it's not as clean as it should be. :(

The polishes I used were all Sinful Colors, except for the reds. They are:

Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Sinful Colors Exotic Green
Sinful Colors Muse ("eagle" dot)
Wet n Wild Everybody Loves Redmond (red)
Kleancolor Red Hot (hex glitters)

So I ended up redoing my nails on Sunday evening because I wasn't satisfied with my first attempt:

My first attempt at this mani

 I did splatter on 2 of them, and tried to do plastic wrap on the pinky. I think the green I chose was not opaque enough, I'm definitely not thrilled with how that finger looks. I also only caught the pics with a lamp after the sun went down, so none of the pics were very good. In the end, the ring finger is the only one that made it through my revamp.

Anyway, I'm glad I took the time to redo my manicure and to venture into nail art for September 16th. My Mexican heritage is a huge part of who I am, and it felt only right to do something special for the occasion!

Feliz Dia de la Patria, to my fellow Mexican-American or Mexican readers!

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