Sunday, March 25, 2012

OPI Iberian Bisque- sheer beauty?

OPI Iberian Bisque, sunlight
The few times I've worn a sheer shade since beginning my polish obsession, I've ended up admiring and staring at my nails just as much as when I wear the flashiest colors. While I reached for OPI Iberian Bisque, I was looking to cleanse my palette with a nude after sporting a lot of bright shades. The long discontinued polish turned out to be much more sheer than I expected, but it was still a color I enjoyed wearing.  Is it just the big 3 fumes getting to me, or is Iberian Bisque a sheer delight? Judge for yourself after the jump!

OPI Iberian Bisque turns out to be a peach-leaning sheer when applied on the nail. As I mentioned in a previous post, I obtained it at a thrift store and it's a discontinued, black label OPI color.  Very little information about the color turns up if you try to search it.  I'm not really sure what there is to say except it's a non-shimmery sheer finish that left my nails glossy even before the topcoat.

OPI Iberian Bisque, sunlight
Since I let my nails grow out during my vacation a while back, I decided to live dangerously and not cut them even though I've returned to work. (More on why that's an issue for me in this post.)  As a result, I have longer nails than usual so I decided to take advantage of this and do a French manicure. I just hit up Youtube and for a couple of tutorials and did my best.  Since I don't usually wear nudes or have longer nails, I don't think I'll be doing a lot of French manis in the future. Despite this, I'm really glad I learned the technique for this very classic manicure.

Speaking of classic, I really liked wearing Iberain Bisque. I've only worn a sheer color once before, but both times I've just loved the results. My nails  look so elegant and demure to me, I feel extra classy whenever I see them!  I love looking at my nails with this kind of color on, in a way it's as interesting as a glitter for me, because it's such a change of pace.  I'm glad I got this color and tried it out, though I can see why this color isn't around anymore. With all the Softshade collections and colors aimed at French manicures, I imagine OPI has something close to it in its current lineup.


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