Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color Club does magnetic

Color Club magnetic polish colors
I really neglected my duties as a blogger today. I went polish shopping with a friend and was so busy having fun that I didn't remember this blog until the last minute. That's when it struck me that I should really take a picture of this new magnetic polish from Color Club. I had seen it, hadn't liked any of the colors and dismissed it early on in my time at the store. I really can't tell you much about them except that the picture above shows the different colors the polishes come in. Also, the magnet is built into the bottle top and it's a rounded bottle shape like the Nails, Inc. magnetic polishes. Sorry for being neglectful, but hope you find this news interesting anyway!
Another, more badly focused, picture


  1. Ohh! I saw these today too, but I didn't buy any because I only used my China Glaze's once and I got kind of tired of spending time using the magnet over it.. lol

  2. Yeah, the China Glaze magnet is apparently not very strong and it makes the whole experience more time consuming. That, the meh colors and higher prices make me think I won't be buying more magnetic polish, either.

    1. Yeah, I don't think it's worth it. It was cool for the first few times, and it just became a hassle and annoying! Unlike crackle, it was a lot more simpler! lol. I would rather choose holographic finishes though :)