Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mexico haul- Back with lots of polish!

When I left for Mexico, I was sure I'd only be buying a few polishes and that my selection would be really limited.  I couldn't have been more wrong, because polish was all around me throughout my trip. Most of it was under $1.50, and all of it was stuff that I have never found here in the US. See more pictures and find out what the brands and colors look like in more pics, after the jump!

Most of the polishes I bought were purchased either at a pharmacy or at one of the street stands during my trip to Michoacan, a western state in Mexico.  Here they are, separated out by brand:

Kleancolor polishes

I just recently stumbled into Kleancolor at a random dollar store na few months ago. I've been back there a few times, because I'd never seen Kleancolor in any other store here in California. Imagine my surprise when I found a stand selling it in Mexico. I was so thrilled to find it that I paid $2.50 a piece for the two 2 bottles I got there. I kind of regret it, because I ended up finding plenty of Kleancolor, and in better colors, later. The other Kleancolors were at a kind of beauty supply store. Here's some pics of what the polishes in the store looked like.

The Kleancolors were 15 pesos each, or around $1.25  I also bought a mini of purple glitter at this store that I'll show in my miscellaneous photo later in the post.

I found the minis of the 2 middle minis in the pharmacy, and the bottles on the far left and right at another beauty supply store in another town.  Here's a picture of the other beauty supply store, where there were bins full of each color of Bissu. I was in a rush so the quality is not great, but hopefully you get the idea.
The minis of the Bissu polishes were $7 pesos, around 60 cents, and the full sized ones were about 15 pesos, or $1.25.
Mavelita polishes

I got all these Mabelita polishes at a stand at a mercado in a nearby town. They were 15 pesos each, or about $1.25.

These are the miscellaneous polishes I found at different stands and pharmacies, except the mini at the far right.  The two minis were both 7 pesos, or about 60 cents. The other ones were around 13 pesos, or roughly $1.10.

Did you notice the first polish?  I don't know how good your picture quality is, so I included a close-up of one of the minis.

See that? Apparently, the crackle trend has even hit Mexico, in the form of "krakelado." There were a few colors available, but I barely use the crackles I have. I got another of the black because that's the only crackle I use a lot.

I am pretty sure that none of the Mexican brand polishes are big 3 free. However, I figure they're worth having as souvenirs and I won't be inhaling the fumes of any one polish for too long anyway, given the size of my collection.

Do you own a lot of polish from other countries? And have you ever heard of Star Gold or Roll Mary, the two American brands in my haul?