Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's NOTD: Skittle stamps over gradient!

Valentine's Day themed mani, left hand

I love this even though pink and red are typically so not me. Maybe part of the charm is that there's so much going on in this mani. Besides the pink and red gradient, I also used INM Northern Lights as a topcoat. The stamping is in white; Sinful Colors Snow Me White, specifically.  I will probably end up updating this post with more pics later, but wanted to post while it was still Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day themed mani, right hand

Valentine's Day themed gradient with stamping

Polishes used were:

Orly Butterflies
Essie ?
INM Northern Lights topcoat
various stamping plates, including Winstonia

The reason I don't know the Essie is that I did it at my friend's house, so all the polishes are hers. Orly Butterfleis doesn't seem to be a widely available polish, but I compared them and t's a few shades lighter than OPI Strawberry Margarita.

Valentine's Day themed gradient with stamping

I'm currently working with 1st graders, and boy, do little girls love hearts! So I am wearing the hearts at one of their requests. Kinda. Actually, what happened is that I asked one of them if I should do the same pattern on all my nails or if I should do different hearts on each one. Since girls love hearts, she shockingly went with different. I'm lucky I have lots of heart/Valentine's stuff on my various stamping plates. I've been on a mission to actually use my holiday plates more, so I've actually done 3 Valentine's manis now. (This one is the only one that made it to the point where I could photograph it.)

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