Saturday, December 15, 2012

Coldhearted beauty? Sephora X Coldhearted

Sephora X Coldhearted, shade
I have some swatches from November for you today. Back when I found the Sephora X polish display around Thanksgiving, I gave myself a full manicure with one of the samples of Sephora X that was in the store.  I tried out Coldhearted, a dark purple jelly with hex and microglitters in the same color. Unfortunately, I only got a few pictures of it before it began to chip and I took it off, and of course I can't redo the manicure. Here are my pictures, for what they're worth.
Sephora X Coldhearted, natural light lamp
Like all purples, Coldhearted's color was a bit difficult to capture.  It's closer to picture in the shade, but you can find another perspective on the color by checking out this link at The Polish Jinx. Not only does the post have a bottle shot of Coldhearted, it has bottle pictures for all of the Sephora X polishes. 
Sephora Coldhearted, shade
Overall, I really like Sephora X Coldhearted. It's a beautiful shade of purple and the lovely jelly nature of the base really lets the purple glitter shine through. It's a lovely polish, and applied pretty well for a glittery polish. What do you think of it?

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