Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dude, Where's My Duochrome? Fergie Ferguson Crest Syrah

Fergie by Wet n Wild Ferguson Crest Syrah, sunlight
When I saw Ferguson Crest Syrah at the store, I was immediately drawn to it. Why? The polish displayed a beautiful gold duochrome effect in the bottle. I'm here to tell you,though, that it's a total lie! >:(>:(  There is no duochrome effect to be found in this Fergie brand polish. At all. I feel so let down, and hope others can avoid disappointment because of this review. It's definitely a beautiful color in its own right, but I bought Ferguson Crest Syrah for its duochromeness. See more pictures of the polish, and find out what it's a dupe for for, after the jump.

See that gold shimmer in the bottle? No? You won't on the nail either!

Fergie by Wet n Wild Ferguson Crest Syrah, shade
As you can see, Ferguson Crest Syrah is a beautiful wine colored polish with a ton of shimmer to it. I definitely like this kind of color and think all polish lovers should have something like it in their collection. Check out this cool swatch of it with the Finger Paints topcoat Asylum on it at the Lit from Within blog.

A huge reason I was so disappointed with this color is that it's a near dupe of a color that I already own. I swatched them on a nail wheel, and Ferguson Crest Syrah is really, really close to Zoya Jem. The only difference between them is a slight one in the way they shimmer. I didn't take pictures at the time I did the nail wheel comparison because I planned to do a full swatch of them later. Unfortunately, my bottle of Zoya Jem has gone missing in the meantime, so I can't do the swatch as I planned. I will be sure to do it as soon as I locate my bottle of Jem, but in the meantime, you can see the similarities for yourself if you image search Zoya Jem or even check out the post where I topped Jem with China Glaze Luxe and Lush.

In addition to being a near dupe for Zoya Jem, you don't need this Fergie if you own Zoya Valerie. Us nail nuts know that Jem and Valerie are near dupes of each other, so if you already own either of those Zoyas, you can probably skip Ferguson Crest Syrah. If you don't have either of them and like the color, then Ferguson Crest Syrah is a great alternative at a lower cost.

The Fergies are supposed to retail at $3.49, since that's the suggested retail price on the displays. However, I've heard that the Fergie polishes have been spotted on clearance at different drugstores as they get rid of the cardboard display and only make a few colors part of the permanent Wet n Wild display. On the other hand,  I've also seen them at Walgreens priced at $3.99! Hopefully you can find them at a good price. Right now is a good time to pick up some Fergies at your local CVS because they are part of the Wet n Wild BOGO free deal. Not all CVS stores carry the Fergie polishes, though.  As I discussed in my original post about the Fergie by Wet n Wild line, most of the Fergie polishes are dupes of Spoiled polishes. Fergus Crest Syrah is one of the few colors that's not a repromote of another Wet n Wild color. Be sure to check your options to get the best price before picking up this polish, I don't want others to be as disappointed by Ferguson Crest Syrah as I was!


  1. It looks nice, too bad there's no duo-chrome to it!

    1. It's definitely a great color, I love Zoya Jem and colors like it. I just wouldn't have bought this one if I had known.